Childhood Cancer; Family Matters

Charity Registration No. 1145635

Raising awareness, providing arts and crafts packs for children’s oncology wards and ‘Fresh Air Days’ for families affected by childhood cancer


WellyWalk is a childhood cancer charity.

Organised by parents for families, WellyWalk was set up with the idea that families should have a sense of being connected to others in a similar situation, whether they were at their local hospital, home or at the main South Coast treatment centre Southampton.

WellyWalk’s wider community links such as those with schools has the aim of raising awareness of childhood cancer. Although childhood cancer is rare, each year approximately 1,400 new cases are diagnosed. GPs often see very few cases and raised awareness and early detection often go hand in hand.

One of the lovely aspects of WellyWalk fundraising is that it is a family friendly concept which is easily accessible by all. Young and old love their welly boots. WellyWalk fundraising has included 3 legged races in welly boots, welly themes sports day and how about eco themed ‘what to do with an old welly boot’.

The fundraising focuses are:

  • To provide hospitals in the south coast region with arts material, play equipment and other facilities such as IT equipment for children and teenagers undergoing cancer treatment.
  • To support the costs of community nursing projects in the area so that families have the option of remaining in the home environment, particularly during palliative care.
  • To offer ‘Fresh Air Days’ by providing families affected by childhood cancer with annual passes to local amenities.

Due to the voluntary nature of WellyWalk there are minimum overheads and administrative costs so nearly 100% of any donation can be dedicated to achieving charitable objects. In addition WellyWalk aims to provide feedback not simply in terms of pounds and pence but by providing information about specific facilities provided.